DenVantage Dental Health Membership Plan 

Don't let the absence of dental insurance come in the way of the appearance of a beautiful smile! DenVantage is a way for you to stay covered for all of your dental cost. It is not just your ordinary Dental Health Plan, it's better!

  • No Dental Service Excluded
  • No Annual Maximum
  • No Deductible at ALL!
  • And Much More

Grand Oaks Dental is now participating in DenVantage

DenVantage is a great alternative for families that want a single monthly plan without all the confusion of standard insurance. DenVantage offers 3 preventive dental care options that cover your entire family for a single monthly fee:

  • Adult Preventive
  • Adult Periodontal
  • Child Preventive (for patients under 18)

This includes a wide range of coverage from fillings to crowns and much more. DenVantage works by paying a fair monthly amount each month and that will cover 100% of your regular visits. If you choose to go a step further and request additional work such as cosmetic, teeth whitening, or orthodontic treatment DenVantage will help assist you with those cost as well.

Visit DenVantage below to get started today!